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Build a Strategic Model for Customer Service

December 8, 1999
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A strategy for maintaining customers should take into account the overloaded marketplace, elevating customer service from simply "caring" to producing positive memorable interactions that help reinforce loyalty.

These five strategies, called the SERVE model, include the basic interpersonal competencies that are traditionally part of customer service, along with competencies that require providers to take a broader perspective of their roles.

The five strategies of the SERVE model are:

  • See the big picture and how customer service fits into it.
  • Establish an authentic human connection with each customer.
  • Render timely, accurate and thorough service.
  • Value and respond to unique customer needs.
  • Extend a hand to repair and strengthen relationships with customers who are upset or angry.

These strategies give service professionals more discretion in evaluating and decision making; focusing them on a higher standard of service and allowing them to reap customer information that is valuable to the organization.

SOURCE: AchieveGlobal, Tampa, FL, October 1999.

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