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Distinguished Members of the HR 2008 Panel

January 1, 1998
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ennis J. Blair
Vice President of HR
GTE Technology and Systems Needham, MA
Prior to his current position, Blair served as vice president of HR at GTE Airfone in Oak Brook, Illinois. He served on the board of directors of the Wisconsin State Telephone Association and its executive committee. He also has been a board member for the Greater Madison Chamber of Commerce and the Business and Education Partnership. He’s a past member of GTE’s HR Council, a group of GTE’s senior HR officers, that sets the HR direction for the firm.

Russell J. Campanello
Independent HR Strategy Consultant
Arlington, MA
Campanello’s current clients are business leaders who are repositioning the HR function by introducing a new support model and technology infrastructure, and are focusing on the work of human development and organizational productivity. He was most recently at Cambridge, Massachusetts-based Nets Inc., an Internet commerce company, where he oversaw people, technology and facilities strategies. Prior to that, he spent nine years as vice president of HR at Lotus Development Corp. in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Workforce magazine recently named him one of the 25 most important workplace visionaries of the past 75 years (January 1997).

Jac Fitz-enz
Founder and President
Saratoga Institute
Santa Clara, CA
Fitz-enz is the acknowledged father of staff benchmarking and performance evaluation and was the first to explain the service-quality-productivity link that’s currently the subject of worldwide discussion and analysis. The institute publishes international benchmarks on human financial performance, best practices and staff customer satisfaction. He’s the author of "How to Measure Human Resource Management," (McGraw Hill 1995), "Benchmarking Staff Performance," (Jossey-Bass Publishers 1993) and "Human Value Management," (Jossey-Bass Publishers 1990).

Tharon Greene
Director of Human Resources
City of Hampton, VA
Greene has held her current position since 1981. The Hampton HR department has been recognized nationally and internationally for innovation in HR management. In 1995, it won the Workforce Magazine Optimas Award for General Excellence in HR management. It also received the 1990 International Personnel Management Association Agency Award of Excellence and recognition by Public Technology Inc. for the department’s self-managing team structure, workforce literacy program and Hampton Employee Teletips, an HR information system for city employees.

Bonnie C. Hathcock
Vice President of HR and Development
US Airways
Arlington, VA
At US Airways, Hathcock is charged with influencing a winning corporate culture, building employee competencies that have value to customers and transforming the HR/ development organization into a strategic leadership department with effective business processes. Before joining US Airways, she was vice president of HR with Siemens Business Communications Inc. in Santa Clara, California, where she and her HR team won the 1996 Workforce Magazine Optimas Award for Managing Change.

Bob Peixotto
Vice President Total Quality and HR
L.L. Bean Inc.
Freeport, ME
In 15 years at L.L. Bean, Peixotto has held a variety of positions in HR, strategic planning and finance. He’s a member of the company’s Executive Committee. Divisions of L.L. Bean have won the Margaret Chase Smith Maine State Quality Award and the Productivity Management Association’s North American Leadership Award. His department received the 1994 Workforce Magazine Optimas Award for excellence in Managing Change.

Dave Pylipow
Director of Employee Relations Hallmark Cards Inc.
Kansas City, MO
At Hallmark, Pylipow is responsible for corporate employee relations policy development and interpretation; medical services; and employee relations services. He also works with HR directors throughout the company to ensure the consistent application of corporate HR policy and manages the HR functions that support Hallmark’s Canadian operation. Hallmark won the 1996 Workforce Magazine Optimas Award in the Quality of Life category.

Evelyne S. Steward
Senior Vice President of HR
Calvert Group
Bethesda, MD
Steward is a member of the firm’s leadership team and is responsible for creating an environment that allows employees to reach their potential and molding a socially responsible culture. Under her leadership, Calvert Group has been selected (five years in a row) by Working Mother as one of the 100 Best Companies for working mothers. Business Week’s September 15, 1997, special report on family-friendly corporate policies listed Calvert Group as No. 3 of the top non-Standard & Poor’s 500 companies. In 1995, Calvert received the Workforce Magazine Optimas Award in the Quality of Life category. The company also received the 1996 Points of Light Award from the Points of Light Foundation for excellence in corporate community service.

Dave Ulrich
Professor of Business Administration
The University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI
Ulrich is on the core faculty of the Michigan Executive Program, and is co-director of both Michigan’s HR executive and the advanced HR executive program. He has authored: "Learning Capability: Generating * Generalizing Ideas with Impact" (Oxford 1998), "Tomorrow’s (HR) Management: Thirty-Seven Thought Leaders Call For Change" (Wiley & Sons 1997) and "Human Resource Champions: The Next Agenda for Adding Value and Delivering Results" (Harvard Business Press 1997).

Bob Wilner
Department Director/HR
McDonald’s Corp.
Oak Brook, IL
Wilner’s department is responsible for executive succession planning, development and executive compensation for McDonald’s officers and country managers globally. Wilner has more than 25 years of operations and HR experience with McDonald’s. He also has consulting responsibility for all aspects of HR for operations in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. He’s a Global Workforce Magazine advisory director, as well. McDonald’s was the 1996 General Excellence award winner of the Workforce Magazine Optimas Award.

Workforce, January 1998, Vol. 77, No. 1, pp. 53-54.


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