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A Salting Solution Checklist

May 1, 1998
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What can you do to protect your company from union salting activities? The answers are simple, and they’re good HR practice:

  • Require job candidates to list job references and account for gaps in employment.
  • Conduct regular reference checks on all job candidate finalists.
  • Develop and adhere to a policy declining to hire applicants who haven’t been truthful on their job applications, and keep documentation of these occurrences.
  • Develop and equally enforce a no-solicitation policy.
  • Develop and enforce a no-moonlighting policy.
  • Apply discipline and dismissal policies equally to all employees who violate company policies.
  • Keep and maintain documentation that will show a past practice of equally disciplining and dismissing employees who’ve violated company policies. This can be used to prove that the employer’s behavior is consistent and nondiscriminatory.
  • Train hiring officials to not consider or mention union activity during the hiring process.
  • Require new employees to sign a statement stating that they’ve reviewed, understand and will comply with company policies during their employment.
  • Consider salting and employer liability insurance. With more than 33,000 unfair labor charges filed against employers each year, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Workforce, May 1998, Vol. 77, No. 5, p. 46.

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