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September 1, 1998
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The 21st Century Intranet
Written by Jennifer Stone Gonzalez
CD-Rom edition
Published by Prentice Hall Computer Books, January 1998

Building an Intranet for Dummies
Written by John W. Fronckowiak
CD-Rom edition
Published by Idg Books Worldwide, September 1997

The ABCs of Intranets
Written by Peter Dyson, Pat Coleman, Len Gilbert
Published by Sybex, April 1997

Intranet Resource Kit
Written by Prakash Ambegaonkar (Editor)
CD-Rom edition
Published by Osborne McGraw-Hill, February 1997

Building the Corporate Intranet
Written by Steven L. Guengerich (Editor), Douglas Graham, Mitra Miller, Steve Guengerich
Published by John Wiley & Sons, November 1996

Intranet Business Strategies
Written by Mellanie Hills; Paperback
Published by John Wiley & Sons, September 1996

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