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Model Certificate Group Health Coverage

November 1, 1998
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Important—This certificate provides evidence of your prior health coverage. You may need to furnish this certificate if you become eligible under a group health plan that excludes coverage for certain medical conditions you have before your enrollment in the new plan. This certificate may need to be provided if medical advice, diagnosis, care or treatment was recommended or received for the condition within the six-month period prior to your enrollment in the new plan. If you become covered under another group health plan, check with the plan administrator to see if you need to provide this certificate. You may also need this certificate to buy, for yourself or your family, an insurance policy which does not exclude coverage for medical conditions that are present before you enroll.

1. Date of this certificate:

2. Name of group health plan:

3. Name of participant:

4. Identification number of participant:

5. Name of any dependents to whom this certificate applies:

6. Name, address, and telephone number of plan administrator

or issuer responsible for providing this certificate:

7. For further information, call:

8. If the individual(s) identified in line 3 and line 5 has at least 18 months of
creditable coverage (disregarding periods of coverage before a 63-day break),
check here____and skip lines 9 and 10.

9. Date waiting period or affiliation period (if any) began:

10. Date coverage began:

11. Date coverage ended:

12. (Or today’s date if coverage continues as of the date of this certificate:)

Note: Separate certificates will be furnished if information is not identical for the participant and each dependent.

SOURCE: Alexander Hamilton Institute, "Guide to HIPAA," 1997.

Workforce Extra, November 1998, p. 1.

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