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Seven Ways to Praise Teams

February 1, 1997
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Tips from lunch meetings to creative symbols:
  1. Have managers pop in at the first meeting of a special project team and express their appreciation for the members' involvement.

  2. When a group presents an idea or suggestion, managers should thank members for their initiative.

  3. Encourage a lunch meeting with project teams once they've made interim findings. Have managers express their appreciation. Encourage continued energy. Provide the lunch.

  4. Promote writing letters to every team member at the conclusion of a project thanking them for their contribution.

  5. Encourage creative symbols of a team's work, such as T-shirts or coffee cups with a motto or logo.

  6. Have managers ask the boss to attend a meeting with the employees during which individuals and groups are thanked for their specific contributions.

  7. Suggest catered lunches or breakfasts for high-performing groups.

Workforce, February 1997, Vol. 76, No. 2, p. 70.

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