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CEOs Talk to Their Peers

June 1, 1997
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In companies in which leading-edge HR practices have shown a measurable financial impact, the CEOs understand the value the function brings to the bottom line. What advice about human resources do these executives have for other CEOs? Read on.

"CEOs need to have a pretty good set of listening skills. Employees will tell you what the HR agenda should be."
Bob O'Neill, City Manager
City of Hampton, Va.

"Stop looking at HR in the traditional manner É as the soft side of an organization. Instead, make it a part of the financial organization of the company. There should be no difference between the CFO and the HR executive. We're all working toward the same objective."
Jack Stack, CEO
Springfield Remanufacturing Corp.
Springfield, Mo.

"To survive, CEOs must begin to focus on people as resources in the organization."
Mike Servais, President
Acute Care Division of Universal
Health Services Inc.
King of Prussia, Penn.

"I have a belief that human nature is extremely elastic with respect to its ability to do work. The amount of elasticity depends on the individual's commitment to the business. When people believe in what they're doing, see it as worthwhile, and see value from it, they'll put their heart and soul into the work."
Bob Collins, CEO
GE Fanuc Automation,
Charlottesville, Va.

"My impression is that human resources often gets pigeon-holed and isn't consulted by other departments. For HR managers to help everyone in an organization, they need to understand the big picture. That's why HR needs to be elevated to the senior management team and report directly to the CEO."
Charles Kovaleski, President and CEO
Attorneys' Title Insurance Fund Inc.
Orlando, Fla.

Workforce, June 1997, Vol. 76, No. 6, p. 66.

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