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Making Work Flexible A Summary

June 1, 1996
Related Topics: Work/Life Balance, Scheduling, Featured Article
The purpose of the study, "Making Work Flexible: Policy to Practice," is to provide models for change. Catalyst created a framework of four goals, each with four strategies to develop a flexible work environment:

Goal I: Build organizational support

  • Define and explain the link between flexibility and business goals
  • Ensure and communicate senior management support
  • Articulate the organization's commitment to flexibility
  • Identify and support pilot programs

Goal II: Support managers and users

  • Provide tools
  • Evaluate effectiveness
  • Share models and case studies
  • If necessary, revise systems

Goal III: Internalize the practice

  • Incorporate flexibility into other organizational initiatives
  • Create and support relationships and networks
  • Expand and refine human resources department roles
  • Assess the perceptions, experiences, and acceptance of alternative arrangements

Goal IV: Sustain the commitment

  • Continually communicate internally about the issues
  • Look for ways to promote flexibility externally
  • Implement accountability measures
  • Review and evaluate the work environment and modify activities accordingly

SOURCE: Catalyst

Personnel Journal, June 1996, Vol. 75, No. 6, p. 42.

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