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2000 Managing Change Optimas Award Profile Bayer Consumer Care Division

Awarded to a department that has managed change successfully.

July 28, 2000
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Bayer Consumer Care Division

Real HR: Employees at one plant in Pennsylvania were in a state of flux.

Through a series of mergers, the plant had been operated under four different company names in just seven months. There was no plant manager. And the plant was losing money.

The likelihood was high that Bayer would simply close down the plant.

Real Impact: HR stepped into the leadership void to lead a change initiative to turn the plant around.

From the outset, HR was determined that the process includes all employees, as opposed to a top-down change.

The process began with a series of employee focus groups to analyze the status of the plant and to develop a roadmap for change.

Employees were then included in the teams charged with making the change; ultimately, employee enthusiasm was so high that not all interested employees could be included.

Today, safety has improved. Employee satisfaction is higher. A pay for performance plan has been implemented.

The plant is now millions in the black. And it has become a model for other Bayer facilities to emulate.

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