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YourForce: A Few Minutes for '5 Minutes of Management'

Do you have 5 minutes to check out our new video series on management?

December 10, 2013
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"Do you have a minute for the environment?”

I hear that question often on the street outside our office courtesy of a gauntlet of canvassers hired by advocacy groups to lasso stray pedestrians into signing petitions
or donating to the cause.

More often than not, I don’t have a minute for Mother Earth, which makes me feel like a real jerk. I’m usually on my way somewhere — and the last thing I have patience for is a marketing pitch. Regardless, the question always makes me feel like I should stop.

What kind of monster can’t spare 60 seconds for the environment? This kind of monster, evidently. But that won’t stop me from making a similar request: Do you have 5 minutes to check out our new video series on management?Mike Prokopeak

One final question:

Do you have a minute to share your thoughts?

Mike Prokopeak is Workforce's editorial director. Comment below or email Follow Prokopeak on Twitter at @MikeProkopeak.


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