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2014 Game Changer: Elijah Bradshaw

HR manager, Beeline, Jacksonville, Florida

August 3, 2014
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Until 2011, human resources technology firm Beeline had no HR department. So when Elijah Bradshaw arrived that year to launch one, employees were a little nervous about what was in store.Elijah Bradshaw

Bradshaw, 30, was brought in from Australia by Beeline’s parent company, Adecco Group, to start the department and help develop its company culture in its Jacksonville, Florida-based headquarters. Under his leadership, employees have come to view HR as a support service to help resolve workplace conflicts and improve collaboration, according to company leaders.

“His innovative approach to solving problems, generating employee morale and implementing new procedures has made him a vital asset to the organization and created a forever-long impact to how Beeline is structured,” said senior marketing manager Jessica Ashcraft in a written statement.

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