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Workforce Management, March 2011

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September 7, 2011
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Armed With Data

by Ed Frauenheim

  Operation Workforce Tomorrow is under way at weapons-maker ATK and other companies that are using advanced metrics to prepare for the future..


Special Report on HR Technology:

The Thought Police?

by Ed Frauenheim 

  Some companies offer software to sniff out social media posts, but such programs raise the question: Does Big Brother belong in the workplace?


The Last Word
Pride vs. Prejudice

Ronald J. Alsop

. Feedback

Puffing Up Over Pot in the Workplace

From our readers

  Gay Groups Refocus in Workplace

Activists are re-energized to push through the long-debated federal Employment Non-Discrimination Act; Some Firms Find In-House Clinics Are Just What the Doctor Ordered; Niche Sites Gain Monster-Size Following; Young Workers Craving Defined Benefit Plans; Pay 'Philosophy' Could Prompt Workers to Stay. The Hot Lists: HR Management System Providers, Integrated Talent Management Software Providers. Data Bank: 3 Percent Floor No More?



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