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Five Tips for Taming Information Overload

Keeping focus in the face of digital distractions can be difficult. Here’s how you—and your organization’s employees—can make a start.

July 9, 2008
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Here are some simple ways to manage e-mail and keep your focus in the face of digital distractions.

    1. Turn off e-mail notifications: Save yourself from being constantly interrupted as new e-mails arrive.

   2. Read the entire thread before responding: Ensure you are responding to the latest posts and not repeating points already covered.

   3. Set aside time for e-mail: Designate blocks of time in your day to focus on processing your e-mail.

   4. Limit your CCs and "Replies to all": Only copy people on e-mails who really need to get the e-mail.

   5. Be concise: Write clear and concise subject lines and have each e-mail focus on only one topic.

Source: Information Overload Research Group

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