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Assessment & Testing

Assessment & Testing

September 28, 2006
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Use Care When Conducting Pre-Employment Tests
Tests can help to reduce the guesswork inherent in hiring, allowing workforce managers to be more confident in the employee selection process.

Dear Workforce: How Do I Recruit Honest and Talented Workers?
Project a model of how talent and honesty can work together in your company.

Dear Workforce: What Questions Should We Ask During Assessments?
Understand what you seek to measure for each employee being assessed. Start with a good needs analysis that ties objectives to specific organizational goals.

Dear Workforce: How Do We Avoid Subjectivity in Pre-Employment Tests?
Make sure you understand why you’re using these tools. Use them in conjunction with other measures when assessing potential employees.

Employee Surveys: Ask the Right Questions, Probe the Answers For Insight
Used properly, employee surveys can help identify gaps between a company’s goals and its actual policies.

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