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Special Advertisement : Recruitsoft helps large global organizations optimize workforce allocation, to ensure that the best talent is hired, deployed and retained through a cost-effective process.

September 18, 2003
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The management of Human Capital is undergoing radical, positive changes.Corporate leaders now recognize the importance of leading staffing practices asthe primary driver of greater returns from human capital. That recognitionincreases the need for knowledge and methods to optimize staffing processesglobally and the practical solutions to enable such processes.

    As HR practitioners are keenly aware, people are what create and sustainorganizational competitive advantage, particularly in today's knowledge economy.Applying proven techniques for asset and supply chain management to themanagement of a company's staffing-the most upstream point of influence in HCM-increasesthe return on human capital.

    Recruitsoft's Enterprise Staffing Solution helps large, global organizationsoptimize workforce allocation, leveraging the latest technology available toensure that the best talent is hired, deployed and retained utilizingconsistent, repeatable and cost-effective processes throughout the enterprise.The proven return on investment--in productivity, cost savings and qualityenhancements--provides HR practitioners with the processes and tools forcontinuous improvement:

  • Systematically define staffing requirements and identify ideal candidatesto better assign people to jobs, therefore optimizing resource allocation.

  • Automatically match the best candidates to jobs, faster, utilizing powerfulskills-based elements of the candidate record, including pre-screening skills,questions and the candidate profile.

  • Configure collaborative workflows to drive decision-making deep within theorganization and support its global staffing intricacies.

  • Review and analyze hire quality and candidate success rates to measure andoptimize overall staffing process performance.

  • Communicate with a global audience in the language of their choice, withworkflows that support divergent cultures and regulatory environments.

Louis Tetu
Chairman & CEO

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