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Costs for Domestic Relocations

Data for homeowners and renters.

September 18, 2003
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Data from a new survey of 129 companies conducted by the Employee RelocationCouncil indicates the following average costs for domestic relocations in 2001:

Current- Employee homeowner $60,831 (up 6 percent from 2000)
New-hire homeowner: $49,469  (up 8 percent from 2000)
Current-employee renter:  $18,564 (up 11 percent from 2000)
New-hire renter:  $14,001  (up 4 percent from 2000)

    The surveyed companies reported that shipping household goods was the mostexpensive form of assistance, averaging $8,606 per move in 2001. Federal taxliability, averaging $8,035, and purchase closing costs, averaging $7,332,ranked second and third, respectively. The companies surveyed relocated anaverage of 308 employees each within the United States in 2001—204 currentemployees and 104 new hires.

    For additional survey data, go to

Workforce, November 2002, pp. 37 -- Subscribe Now!

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