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Ascentis Provides Streamlined HR Management to Price Law Group

Special Advertising Section: Growing law firm realizes significant time and cost savings with HROffice software.

September 18, 2003
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Encino, Calif.-based Price Law Group has 11 offices throughout California anda national network of experienced bankruptcy attorneys who specialize inconsumer and commercial bankruptcy.

    As a growing firm, the human resources department had found that its manualfiling system of managing HR data such as employee start dates, review, salary,attendance, and contact information was becoming a major challenge and soughtout a human resource management system that would enable the department tostreamline tasks.

User friendly and intuitive
As they began their search for an HR softwarepackage, Crystal Beasley, the HR manager and supervisor, discovered HROffice, anHR management system from Ascentis Software. HROffice allows companies to trackemployee compensation and benefits ranging from personal data, benefitscoverage, compensation history, COBRA, FMLA eligibility and maintenance, OSHAtracking and more. The system allows flexibility to customize features to meeteach company’s individual tracking needs. HROffice’s custom reports featureallows users to generate information within minutes, saving days worth of workusing manual report generation methods. After evaluating the product, Beasley’ssearch was over.

"Once we found HROffice and tested the product, we didn’t need to lookany further since it did everything we needed it to do."

    "Once we found HROffice and tested the product, we didn’t need to lookany further since it did everything we needed it to do," said Beasley. "Wefound it to be user friendly and very intuitive."

    "When I do need to input data on new hires, benefits, health plans, orattendance history, HROffice is very easy to use without the need for detailedexplanation or checking with the manual," said Beasley.

Fast payback with significant time and cost savings
    Wright says that they arerealizing significant time and cost savings as a result of using HROffice.

    "By comparing the benefit coverage report, with benefitplan invoices and payroll deductions we are able to easily reconcile employerand employee deductions. By easily reconciling employer, employee, and benefit plan invoices,we initially saved about $10,000 per year in benefit premiums. Now, on an annualbasis, we’re saving several thousand dollars per year," said Wright.

    "With typical questions like what are the costs of my dependent care theycan respond immediately--a change that has been noticed by employees in thequicker response times. I’ve had numerous employees comment when I get back tothem with an answer how responsive we are to their needs," said Beasley.

Greater ability to focus on strategic issues 
    Now that they are able to spendless time on tactical support, Wright and team are now finding that they canfocus on bigger-picture strategic issues for the company.

    "We’re finding that we now have more time to complete tasks such as shopfor and add additional benefits plans, save money on insurance since we have away to report and monitor our plans, and we’ve been able to complete some highlevel projects we couldn’t get to before such as the employee handbook,"said Wright.

Responding to employee needs 
    "We feel that we’ve taken our department upto the next level of the organization in terms of professionalism andcredibility since we’re able to respond more quickly and present qualitybenefits information that has been thoroughly researched, which all translatesto improved employee satisfaction," said Wright.

    Overall, Wright and Beasley have realized many benefits as a result ofimplementing HROffice. According to Beasley, "We love the program. It’s userfriendly and meets all of our needs."

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