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Table of Contents September 2001

Table of Contents September 2001

August 30, 2001
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HR Takes on Tough Times
The practice of HR has never been easy, but the slowing economy, combined with a labor shortage, has made the job harder than ever. Here are tactics and tools to help you survive - and thrive.
By Shari Caudron
Hold the Line on Salaries And Benefits
HR is in a squeeze play. There's pressure to raise salaries to keep competitive, and as much pressure to cut costs. Salaries and benefits are tempting targets. How are companies holding the line?
By Todd Raphael
Using Technology To Cut Costs
Despite an ailing economy, many HR professionals report that technology - used right - can be an excellent cost-cutting tool. Ericsson Inc. is one firm whose new technology approach already is paying off.
By Janet Wiscombe
Training Proves Its Worth
It's a time of reckoning for training. Does it bring new customers? Does it reduce turnover? Does it contribute to the bottom line? If you can prove training's real value, you can keep it from being cut.
By Carroll Lachnit

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Leader Summit Series
New challenges and opportunities in benefits: HR faces rising expenses, demanding employees, and a host of new benefit offerings. Industry leaders explain the changes and describe how you can realize gains for your company and employees.


Between the Lines
A late bloomer's lessons in HR.
Better health care for everyone • Going after gossip
The Buzz
Businesses build bridges to Hispanic employees • Tailing the innovations at JetBlue • Well Done: A different kind of onsite clinic at PolyOne
On the Contrary
Shari Caudron confronts her inner private person, and finds that selfishness can actually benefit others.
What Works
Everyone wants fast results. But when it comes to changing an organization, Tom Terez says it takes time to do things right.
Are you a gatekeeper? A pulse-taker? A hub? Anthropologist Karen Stephenson sees all those roles as she studies the informal networks in organizations.
Dear Workforce:
Tips on introducing new employees to your company's mission • Reviewing why you review • How to let an employee know she's losing some of her duties
Small, Medium, Large
Three companies share their strategies for managing workforces that stretch from Munich to Miami. Technology, teamwork, and "trinkets and trash" help.
Legal Insight
Dos and don'ts for mandated training • Pay options for exempt employees • A company discriminated when it excluded prescription contraceptives
Think Twice
Internet abuse at work is a real issue - no question. But Todd Raphael wonders if some solutions being offered to HR are fixes for the wrong problem.
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