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Does the Author Have a Formal Education

"Relegating women to 'teaching' based on their sex is dark ages thinking."

March 17, 2000
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The surveys and statistics ARE factual in researching jobs of equal value toan organization and the difference in male-female pay. Each job has a measurable value to an organization; otherwise, we wouldn't have paysystems. All of this is based on experience, education and innate abilities to succeed.

Women and men in the same position should be paid based on theirexperience, education and abilities - and the inequity in pay statisticscompare individuals that match in all of those attributes.

Examples of the lack of a scientific approach to this subject in the articleinclude comparing a Yankees Coach to a Little League Coach. Any reasonableperson understands the responsibilities of the two are entirely different.

Whether the person was a male or female would not make any difference - you pay what the JOB is worth. Using 'old communist way' and relegating women to 'teaching' based on their sex is dark ages thinking.

And equal pay for equal work means just that. They are not proposing raising women's pay based on their sex - but based on whether they are doing the same job as a man and being paid less.

Does the author have a formal education?

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