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IWorkforce-I Cover Stories Set HR’s Agenda

The trademark cover stories compel readers to pull Workforce from their in-box.

May 10, 1999
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The trademark cover stories in Workforce set the agenda for HR’s new breed. These in-depth stories explore the forces that shape business today the economy, the law, social change, globalization. And they show the immediate implications for HR.

These features are torn from (and sometimes precede) today’s headlines as they help readers face the fact that gangs, genetic testing, terminal illness, the Asian economic crisis, labor disputes, and other timely topics are as much a part of HR as benefit plan design and recruiting.

Workforce tackles controversial, hard-hitting and important topics.

As an example of Workforce’s leading-edge editorial coverage, see the following cover stories:

  • "Why Employees Are So Angry"
  • "The Harsh Reality of Diversity Programs
  • "Has Downsizing Missed Its Mark?"
  • "Sexual Harassment: New Rules, Higher Stakes"
  • "Overload: Workers Are Stressed Out and Burned Out from Overwork"

Workforce presents award-winning articles.

Articles are crafted by the most experienced editorial team in the HR market -- a team that has been recognized with more than 70 awards by the American Business Press, the American Society of Business Press Editors, the Western Publications Association, and other business-media organizations.

The features are controversial, challenging and enlightening. They provoke intelligent discussion and heated debate. They inspire action and change.

These cover stories are the reason so many readers say that Workforce is the one thing they pull from their in-box to read immediately.

Make sure your advertising has the right editorial environment. Schedule your ads in Workforce the first choice of the new breed of HR decision makers.

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