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A Game Plan for Networking

September 8, 2010
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If your organization is considering whether to establish a corporate social networking site, it’s important to think through your strategy and objectives first, rather than just jumping on the bandwagon. Rob Howard, founder and chief technology officer of Telligent, one of the largest vendors of collaboration software, offers these tips to help companies make their decision:

• Develop a clearly defined purpose and strategy for introducing internal social networking. Often, organizations focus on what type of technology they should implement, rather than what they want to attain through their networks.

• Establish objectives and assessment measures for your social network. Those measures can include number of page views and active users, employee ratings of the value of content, or the number of questions people post and the response rate.

• Determine whether social networking fits your organizational culture. Unless your company has a culture of sharing, trust and mutual support, the network likely will fail.

• Integrate social networking with existing systems. For example, don’t expect it to replace e-mail. Use it as a means to complement the way people already work.

• Make sure that employees will want to spend time on the social networking site. That means the content must be useful, and the technology must enable workers to easily interact and learn from one another.

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