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Addressing the Risks

May 1, 2000
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CIGNA Corp’s Risk Management group publishes information on the company’sintranet about the workspace, productivity, health, personal safety, andinformation security. Here are highlights:

The Workspace

  • Create a space where there is minimal traffic and distraction.

  • Make it comfortable, with adequate room for computer, printer, fax, andstorage.

  • Keep it off-limits to family and friends (for security reasons).

  • Use the proper furniture and equipment, some of which may be supplied bythe company.

  • Be sure to have proper lighting and telephone service.


  • Be sure the workspace is ergonomically sound, if possible.

  • Try to avoid eyestrain by having enough light and having the computer at acomfortable level.

  • Use a headset or speakerphone with the telephone instead of propping itbetween your head and shoulder.

  • Keep space well ventilated. In particular, place printers, fax machines,and copiers away from walls, because this type of equipment produces ozone.

Information Security

  • Remember that the home office is an extension of the company office.

  • Be vigilant about avoiding computer viruses and protecting information.

  • Be sure to back up and store data and other information in a safe place,and also provide a copy to the office in case the home set is damaged.

Personal Safety

  • Be cautious. 100,000 people are injured in their homes every year.

  • Be careful of visitors. Don’t hold meetings in your home.

  • Have working smoke detectors and an adequate number of fire extinguishers.

  • Know first aid.

  • Use a post office box rather than giving out your home address.

Adapted from material by CIGNA Corp., based in Philadelphia

Workforce, May 2000, Vol. 79, No. 5, p. 58-- Subscribenow!

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