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Characteristics of Effective Communication

November 1, 1999
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One goal of the 1999 Watson Wyatt study was to identify the special traitspossessed by organizations that have successful communication programs. Thefollowing is a list of characteristics for any organization to examine andconsider.

  1. Senior management must recognize the importance of communications in achieving business objectives.

  2. Senior management should base all communication efforts on a clear, well-defined communications strategy.

  3. Senior managers must tie communications initiatives to corporate business objectives.

  4. The organization should provide information to employees about how the firm is doing in meeting its goals.

  5. Communications programs must be developed proactively rather than reactively.

  6. Employee communications programs must place a strong emphasis on helping employees understand the business.

  7. The organization should have a well-defined, two-way communications philosophy.

  8. A comprehensive communications program should be an essential part of the organization’s business strategy.

  9. Managers at all levels should be rewarded for communicating effectively.

  10. Employee communications programs must place a strong emphasis on providing information and feedback to motivate and improve job performance.

Workforce, November 1999, Vol. 78, No. 11, p. 54-- Subscribenow!

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