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Create a Fun Environment

July 28, 1999
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Some ideas to liven up your office:

Schedule your next staff meeting at an unusual location, like a camping trip. Frozen Fusion of Phoenix held its meeting at a paint ball facility—"take no hostages" was the theme.

  • Distribute "happy pills"—pretzels or jelly beans, perhaps—in little jars or bottles each week.
  • "Reward" employees who have had a bad week (flat tires, car problems, computer problems) with a quart of ice cream.
  • Initiate a cartoon or joke of the week club or contest.
  • Plan a dress-up day based on a theme that relates to your company—such as 50s day for a theme about "old-fashioned service like you remember growing up."

SOURCE: Janet Jackim, michael HARRIS group, inc., March 12, 1999.

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