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Data Breaches Within the Past 12 months Involving HR Data

February 10, 2006
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Employer No. affected How
SAIC 45,000 Stolen equipment
Bank of America 1.2 million Theft of tapes
Adecco 1,000 Social Security numbers on postcards
Time Warner 600,000 Lost backup tapes
MCI 16,500 Stolen laptop
Purdue 11,360 Unauthorized access
U.S. Department of Justice 80,000 Stolen Laptop
Motorola 30,000 Stolen computers
FDIC 6,000 Unauthorized access
Eastman Kodak 5,800 Stolen Laptop 
San Diego County 32,000 Hacking
U.S. Air Force 33,000 Stolen log-in
Boeing 161,000 Stolen laptop
Ford Motor Co. 70,000 Stolen computer
Honeywell 19,000 Data posted on Web
Source: Donald Harris, HR Privacy Solutions.
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