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November 30, 2000
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David Gebler, president of The Working Values Group, believes that when itcomes to ethics, companies no longer have a choice. Today’s employees are morevalues-oriented than previous generations of American workers; trust is anincreasingly important part of most companies’ branding strategy, and moderninformation technology simply makes it very difficult to cover up even minorlapses in ethical judgment.

    If you have a good reputation, he notes, then you can do anything. There’sa strategic component to this that companies can’t ignore.

    To ensure that your ethics initiative is on track, talk to the experts. Thefollowing resources can help you set up a program that works for yourorganization:

  • Ethics Officer Association,Belmont, Massachusetts. A professional association for managers of corporateethics and compliance programs. The EOA serves as a forum for the exchange ofinformation on ethics, compliance, and business conduct. 617/484-9400.

  • The Working Values Group,Boston, Massachusetts. A consulting firm that helps companies define goals fortheir ethics initiatives and then develop training programs to support them.800/208-3535.

  • Ethics Resource Center,Washington, D.C. A training and consulting organization that offersorganizational ethics assessments, which it uses to help clients developcomprehensive ethics programs. 202/737-2258.

Workforce, December 2000, Volume 79, Number 12, p.77 SubscribeNow!

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