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Examples of Corporate Alumni Sites

October 22, 2000
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The Internet has allowed corporate alumni organizations to grow -- aphenomenon that may interest you for a couple of reasons.

Finding your competitor’s alumni organization, and its collection of formeremployees, may offer you a good source of passive job seekers with industryexperience.

Or, if your organization doesn’t have an alumni group, you may want toconsider supporting the creation of one. Most of these groups are not officiallytied to their parent companies, but they can nevertheless keep former employeesin touch with your organization and serve as good sources of now-coveted"boomerang" employees.

Here’s a short list of corporate alumniorganizations:

  • Association of Ex-Lotus Employees(AXLE):

    Like most alumni organizations, they’re run independently of the company(Lotus Development Corporation).

    "We created the site so that we could connect and share new experienceswith our former co-workers," says Carole Gunst, one of AXLE’sco-founders. "We all had a great ride with Lotus in the 80’s and 90’sand we wanted to continue developing our personal and professional relationshipswith people who were on the ride with us.

    "We are a volunteer organization. Any money we raise goes back into thesite and helps to get some of the semi-annual reunion parties off the ground. Wehave over 2000 members that have heard about the site largely throughword-of-mouth."

    Even if you’re not one of the more than 1,815 ex-Loti who are registeredwith AXLE, you can search through profiles, which is a feature recruiters mustlike.

  • ExPaq (former Compaqemployees):

    A site formed to "continue, renew and extend your Compaqrelationships" and "create a forum for exchanging information and jobopenings, sharing resources, and just plain networking."

    Compaq’s alumni have parties, send out newsletters and post jobs for eachother. From the looks of it, they have around 830 members and get about 1-2 newalumni joining every day.

    Expaqers also have a yellow page to find each other, as well as chat rooms.

  • Microsoft Alumni Network(MSA):

    If you pay 100 bucks, and are a "full-time employee of Microsoft wholeft the company in good standing," you can join this organization, whichwas founded in 1995.

    "The organization’s primary goal is to support the business andcommunity efforts of the members," says executive director LisaAudino-Davisson.

    In other words, the organization helps ex-Softies stay connected as theystart their own businesses -- many within the Seattle area -- and look for workat various other businesses.

    Among member perks: group rates on health insurance, social events, anddiscounts at the Microsoft company store and other retailers.

  • WSRG Alumni (alumni ofCasual Corner and other retailers)

    According to the site, WSRG Alumni "are a group of multifacetedretailers who spent some great years working together at Women’s SpecialtyRetailing Group. Many of us continue to stay in touch and reap the benefits ofnew contacts, old mentors, and friends we have some history with."

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