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FMLA Checklist

September 1, 1994
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Here's a quick recap of the provisions of the FMLA:

  • The Act requires employers to grant as much as 12 weeks of unpaid leave in a 12-month period
  • Eligible workers must have been employed for at least one year and worked 1,250 hours
  • Circumstances triggering FMLA eligibility:
  • —The arrival of a son or daughter for adoption or foster care
    —To care for a son, daughter, spouse or parent who has a serious health condition
    —For an employee's own serious health condition

  • Circumstances exempting FMLA eligibility:
  • —Companies with fewer than 50 workers are exempt
    —Employees in the highest-paid 10% may be denied leave if it would cause "substantial and grievous injury" to the business operations.

Personnel Journal, September 1994, Vol.73, No. 9, p. 38.

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