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Got a Moving Dispute

September 1, 1998
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The American Moving and Storage Assocation (AMSA), based in Alexandria, Virginia, has partnered with the American Arbitration Assocation (AAA) to provide a dispute settlement program for consumers.

If you have employees that have faced relocation casualties, they may request arbitration by writing to the AMSA at: 1611 Duke Street, Alexandria, Virginia 22314-3482. The letter of notification to the AMSA must be sent within 60 days after a final offer or a denial of the claim has been made to the individual in writing by the carrier. The letter to the AMSA may also be sent by fax to: 703/683-7527.

Along with the individual’s name, address and telephone number, include the following information in the letter of notification to AMSA:

  • The name of the carrier and the shipment’s identification number
  • Any assigned loss and damage claim number
  • The name the shipment was moved under
  • The dates and locations of pickup and delivery
  • The monetary value of the loss and damage claim involved.

SOURCE: American Moving and Storage Association

Workforce, September 1998, Vol. 77, No. 9, p. 58.

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