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August 13, 1999
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Not-so-ancient tradition holds that if you rearrange the letters in a word or phrase you can unlock a hidden code.

Here are a few interesting examples below of anagrams you probably didn't know about. Add your own to share with other curmudgeon-like members.

CEO Salary (A Real Cosy)

Generation X (R a Toxin Gene)

HR Software (Fat Err Show)

The Manager (Me Nag at Her)

Recruitment (Rent Rut Mice)

A Review Time (I Weave Merit)

Managed Care (Menace. A Drag.)

Company Retreat (Once-a-Term Party)…(Yet, Part Romance)

Workforce Online (We're For Ink. N' Cool!)

A Merger (Err Game)

Family Leave Act (A Fallacy I've Met)

Casual Wear (Raw USA Lace)

Employee is Sick (Ye Pick Some Lies)

Termination (Not in a Merit)

Human Resources (A Scheme Run Sour)

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