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Workforce Management April 21, 2008

April 22, 2008
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The Long View
by Fay Hansen
At leading organizations such as Capital One, workforce planning looks far ahead at business goals and predicts talent supply and demand to ensure that staffing needs are met. Sophisticated, highly analytical approaches to workforce planning that account for a range of business scenarios enable organizations to predict their long-term needs to almost the very last employee. Workforce planning at Capital One predicts not only the headcount to meet future business needs, but also the staffing and skills mix, including any changes required to move the business ahead.

Special Report: Global Workforce: Asia
by Fay Hansen
Multinationals are cutting costs and managing risks by forgoing additional Chinese expansion in favor of labor-rich locations in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Thailand. The region offers significant workforce-related advantages and, for consumer products companies, a market of 600 million people with rising incomes..

The Last Word
Bearing blame
Dr. John Sullivan
 In the Mail
Calling a layoff a layoff
From our readers

 HR Under Remodel
Store managers at Home Depot had better be prepared to tackle more people issues now that each location will no longer have an HR rep on site. FedEx Backs Up On Driver Status: Fight over standing as independent contractor vs. employee heats up. Unions Flexing Election Muscle: Weakening sway not apparent as presidential, key Senate races near. No HRO for UBS: International financial firm backs away from pact due to subprime fallout. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Group life insurers. Data Bank: Revising the salary budget.

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