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Workforce Management November 2003

October 31, 2003
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The battle over benefits
By Sheila Anne Feeney
The cost of health care is strangling companies, prompting strikes and leaving an increasing number of Americans without any coverage at all. Some companies are coping, but experts fear a sick system will have to come close to collapse before there is real reform.

Board games
By Douglas P. Shuit
Convinced and it's archrivals, HotJobs and CareerBuilder, are fighting for résumés and listings. But all three face competition on another front, as corporate recruiters find that internal referrals, their own sites and niche job boards are bringing them better candidates.

Tough sell
By Leslie Gross Klaff
It's a pricey (and difficult) proposition to move employees to expensive housing markets like San Francisco and New York. Companies are finding ways to drive down those costs, from selling employees' homes more quickly to fine-tuning those perilous cost-of-living adjustments.

Tester's choice
by Samuel Greengard
The debate over ERP versus best of breed is heating up, thanks to more sophisticated software and the ability to integrate more easily and painlessly. The pressure to perform has put information technology under the magnifying glass.

One out of many
by Maryann Hammers
SunTrust combined 28 human resources systems and disparate screening and recruiting programs into one. It managed that massive switch with a minimum of chaos and a maximum of teamwork. SunTrust saved money, got better candidates and won the Optimas Award for service.

Between the Lines
Living in la-la land
My father's ghost is the only thing that's keeping me from crossing a picket line.
  Reactions From Readers
Letters on absenteeism, reference checks, the ROI of retreats and drug testing.

In This Corner
Horrors from the bad-firing files
Looking to get sued? There's no surer way than humiliating an employee as your fire him.

Legal Briefings
There are limits on free speech at work. But criticism of human resources is protected.

Data Bank
Getting more for less.

The poet in the corner office
Dana Gioia brings business acumen and a poet's sensibility to his job as chair of the National Endowment for the Arts. Also: Mixed messages in an Enron ruling, the hottest job candidates know how to salute, and flexible jobs mean fewer absences.
Awards & Recognition
Gold watch blues
Companies are cutting back or eliminating formal recognition for retiring employees, and risking goodwill in the process.

Developing a new generation of public-agency leaders
Florida's program teaches critical skills to rand-and-file employees who never planned on becoming managers.

Recruiting & Staffing
The scarlet "U" is fading
Some recruiters no longer view unemployed workers as undesirable. Companies have landed quality employees through partnerships with downsizing organizations.

Health Benefits
Confronting demons in executive interventions
Specialists fly in to choreograph confrontations that can spark change in key employees beset by drinking, drugs, gambling or other overwhelming problems.

Recruitment & Staffing
Little white lies yield red ink.
When a recruiter's aggressive marketing becomes outright lying, the result is excessive turnover, bloated recruiting costs and a lack of loyalty and commitment.

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