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Workforce Management October 22, 2007

October 22, 2007
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Social Networking a Wire to Hire
by Ed Frauenheim
Like it or not, the online social networking phenomenon that includes Facebook and MySpace has become part of the business world. Whether it is a mere time-waster or ultimately turns out to be a useful tool for recruitment, employee development and collaboration depends on how employers embrace the burgeoning technology.

Special Report: Talent Acquisition
Stories by Patrick J. Kiger
Employers’ continuing efforts to market themselves as desirable environments in which to work will go completely for naught if they do not first understand their own in-house cultural strengths and weaknesses and what they can provide to top-flight candidates that their rivals cannot match.

The Last Word
Résumés on paper, please
Dr. John Sullivan
 In the Mail
Strike a power pose
From our readers

 Cosst Forecasts Are Unrealistic
Funding for the UAW's VEBA underestimates the cost of health care. Wellpoint Execs Are on the Move: Much of the health insurer's old management team is going--or gone. French Twist: Industrial tribunals in France have fined companies for "abusive layoffs." Legal Briefings: Union ‘salts’; salary-based OT. 5 Questions: Finding balance for workers. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List: Job Boards. Data Bank: Labor costs reset.

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