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January 11, 2001
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Keep Current with Workforce WeekA free weekly e-mail newsletter with site updates and links.When you become a Workforce Online member, you'll receive Workforce Week, HR's hottest e-mail newsletter.

Once each week, you'll find all this in your e-mail box:

Time-saving site updates. Find out about new articles added to the Research Center, so that you an access them directly without searching through the Internet.

Price breaks and test offers. Receive free samples or discounts on HR products and services.

Special event notices. If there's an upcoming chat session with an expert, you'll know about it. If a new Peer Group is created, you'll get word of that.

The latest buzz from the HR world. You'll hear how HR is reacting to news events that affect the public and private sector, what users are talking about behind the scenes, and more.

Total membership benefits. By signing up for the e-mail newsletter Workforce Week, you'll also gain full site access -- to the Research Center, to special discussion groups, to live chats with experts, and more!

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