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Learn from Wade Boggs' Neuroses

August 10, 1999
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Ever have an employee with a few, um, strange habits? Do you ever find yourself bothered by the little things ... whether it's a person's appearance, personality, messy area, or habits?

Well, consider the case of baseball player Wade Boggs. Boggs is in the news right now as he achieves his 3,000 hit, a mark for longevity and consistency.

His daily routine is laced with more than 80 superstitions, including:

  • Leaving for work at 1:47 p.m. every day. He runs sprints at 6:47 p.m. each evening, though opponents have attempted to reprogram scoreboard clocks to skip from 6:46 p.m. to 6:48 p.m. and throw him off.

  • Eating chicken and cheesecake before every game. After every game, he has two hot dogs, a bag of barbeque potato chips, and iced tea.

  • Taking precisely 100 ground balls every day. Never less, never more. Then he tries on dozens of batting gloves to see which one feels right for that day.

  • Refusing to touch the pitching mound. He won't touch the foul line on the way to his position, but must touch it after the inning is over.

  • Using his feet to draw a Hebrew letter in the sand for good luck before each at-bat. If he doesn't get a hit, he makes some adjustments-to his chewing gum.

Certainly, not all strange habits of employees are tolerable. But it's good to bear in mind that some of them may be worth ignoring, for the next Wade Boggs may be blossoming on your staff.

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