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Learn Something From Candidates' Pet Peeves About Web Sites

November 4, 1999
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Tony Lee,Editor-in-Chief and General Manager of, says job-seekers haveseveral "pet peeves" about the corporate Web sites at which they'relooking for jobs.


These pet peeves are:


1. Having no clue as to whetheranyone actually received their resume, and whether that person is interested;

2. Not being able to find theWeb address to the site, or not being able to find jobs on the site;

3. Jobs with no posting dates;

4. Lack of information abouteach job;

5. Hassles and inconveniencewhen applying;

6. Meaningless job"fairs" (aren't those companies always hiring?);

7. No place to provide feedbackor ask a question before applying.


To avoid such problems, Leerecommends you keep the following in mind when building your "jobs"section:


·   Treatall candidates like customers.

·   Makethe job-search process as easy as possible.

·   Keepgraphics simple.

·   Test-driveyour site every few weeks.

·   Rememberthe Golden Rule (pretend you're looking for a job on the site).


SOURCE: Tony Lee, Editor-in-Chief andGeneral Manager of, speaking at an October 28, 1999 seminar onInternet recruiting in Los Angeles.

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