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October 18, 2000
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Despite the explosive growth of online recruiting, traditional staffing andsearch firms remain part of a well-rounded sourcing strategy. In 1999, staffingagencies and executive search firms accounted for nearly one quarter of hires incorporate Americai. Staffing agencies and search firms will continue to providevaluable recruiting services in the niches that their expertise has carved out,such as filling high-end management positions. In fact, the U.S. staffingindustry revenues are expected to exceed $140 billion in 2000 and nearly $160billion in 2001ii.

Using sophisticated Hiring Management Systems such as Recruitsoft’sRecruiter WebTop™, corporations are now moving their recruiting processesonline. As one element of the integration of the various elements of therecruiting supply chain, the Recruiter WebTop connects corporations to staffingagencies and executive search firms through an online gateway. The onlinegateway improves the efficiency of the staffing industry channel, therebydecreasing the cost to the corporation.

The Challenge

There are approximately 7,000 staffing and search firms in the U.S.,operating out of 19,400 officesiii. Each has a unique combination ofspecialization, services, and price. The challenge for a corporate recruiter isto identify the staffing or executive search firm that has the right combinationto fulfill a particular hiring need in a cost-effective manner.

Recruitsoft’s Solution:Recruitment Agencies Gateway

As part of the complete online recruiting supply chain, Recruitsoft’sRecruiter WebTop provides a gateway to staffing and executive search firms fromthe Recruiter WebTop. A corporate recruiter can search a database of literallythousands of third-party recruiting firms and staffing agencies, to find onethat meets the particular needs of an open job position and fits the searchstrategy. Staffing firms can be identified based on the kind of service required(temp, temp-to-perm, contract), occupation and industry.

Recruiter WebTop™ connects with agencies to connect you with candidates. Click here!

For a recruiter looking to retain the services of an executive search firm,the Recruiter WebTop links directly to Kennedy Information’s automated search feature finds executive recruiters based on industry,geography, and the type of search (retainer vs. contingency). The recruiter cansubmit the particulars of the hiring need, including salary, positiondescription, company size and type (public, private, non-profit), and the timingof the hiring need.

The search firm and staffing agency gateway delivers the expediency of"one-click" sourcing, requiring only one click to:

  • Search for a staffing or executive search firm;
  • Form the initial contact with the search firms;
  • Submit hiring needs to search firms;
  • Send out Requests For Proposals (RFPs) to search firms.


Third-party recruiters, staffing agencies and executive search firms addvalue in important niches in the hiring process. Sourcing strategies vary foreach position: whether it is appropriate for a corporate recruiter to turn tothe services of one of these firms depends on the particulars of an individualhiring need. When a corporate recruiter does elect to use the services of astaffing agency or executive search firm, Recruitsoft’sRecruitment Agency Gateway is an efficient way of identifying quickly the firmoffering the right combination of expertise, service and price.


For more information, contact Recruitsoft at 888/836-3669, or

iSource: Olsten Forum, 1999
iiSource: Staffing Industry Analysts
iiiSource: American Staffing Association

Recruitsoft delivers the most complete online recruiting solutions for leading companies across many industries. Among the company's clients are United Airlines (NYSE: UAL), Bombardier Aerospace and Transportation, MetLife, Cabletron Systems (NYSE: CS), and Sutter Health. The company's Recruiter WebTopTM application service integrates the entire recruiting supply chain and powers the career Web pages of large corporations, leading to faster time-to-hire, lower cost-per-hire, and ultimately, increased quality of hires.

Recruitsoft introduced the pay-per-hire fee structure to the Web-based recruiting industry and is considered to be the best-practice ASP for recruitment management solutions, based on its proprietary ACE Recruiting(tm) methodology, designed in collaboration with large corporations to re-engineer and streamline the corporate recruiting process.

Recruitsoft is the first HMS to integrate all areas of candidate sourcing. These services, accessible via one click, include: job postings on the corporate Website, the company Intranet, job boards, advertising in all print media and, importantly, contract-assisted candidate sourcing.

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