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Measure Supervisors' Competencies

March 27, 2003
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If you are involved in developing a list of competencies for thesupervisors in your organization, this sample questionnaire may help. A formsuch as this could be distributed to your managers/supervisors.

    The training department is currently conducting several studies to identifythe competencies required for success as a supervisor in our company. Allsupervisors and their managers are being asked to submit their thoughts.

    Please complete this questionnaire indicating what you believe to be therequirements for a successful supervisor at our company. When all of thequestionnaires are returned, the information from them will be combined into aprofile of supervisor competency requirements. A copy will be sent to you, andthe results will be used to identify training needs, create asupervisor-training course, and establish requirements for the selection of newsupervisors.

    It is not necessary to identify yourself. However, it will be of assistanceto know whether you are currently a supervisor or manager.

    On the lines below, write what you believe to be the primary function orpurpose of a supervisor at our company. Write it in one sentence, beginning withthe word "to."


    What percent of the requirements for a successful supervisor do each of thefollowing categories represent? The percents assigned to all cannot total morethan 100.

Management Competencies _________ percent
Length of Company Service _________ percent
Job Knowledge _________ percent
Education _________ percent

100 percent

   A list of the twenty-two management competencies and their definitionsfollows. Read all twenty-two competencies and their definitions, then rank themin order of importance for success as a supervisor at our company. Rank them bywriting a ranking number on the short line proceeding the competency. Use a onefor the most important, a two for the next most important, and so on. You mayuse a number only once. In the event you believe one or more importantmanagement competency is not included in the list, add it on the lines provided,along with a definition, and include it in your ranking.

Competency  Definition
__Oral Communication Transferring a message by speech using appropriate gesticulations
__Flexibility Adjusting to changing conditions
__Coaching Working with an individual to improve job performance
__Decision Making Consciously selecting the best alternative from two or more
__Leadership Getting people to willingly accomplish objectives
__Accountability Using delegated authority to meet assigned responsibilities
__Delegation Passing authority to another
__Listening Receiving correctly another's oral communication
__Stress Tolerance Maintaining stability of performance under adverse conditions
__Problem Analysis Identifying the real problem and obtaining the information necessary to solve it
__Initiative Interjecting planned thoughts or actions into a situation
__Nonverbal Communication Transferring a message to another without the use of words
__Conflict Resolution Reducing tension between two or more people and arriving at a mutually satisfactory conclusion
__Planning Outlining a course of action to achieve an objective
__Image Projecting a positive initial and continuing presence
__Controlling Ensuring the plan is followed and the objective met
__Negotiation Arriving at a mutually acceptable decision
__Energy Starting a task enthusiastically and maintaining that enthusiasm until completion
__Organizing Structuring assigned resources to fulfill a plan
__Disciplining Correcting employee behaviors in a positive fashion
__Written Communication Transferring a message through writing

[Write in any additional competencies here]

Please indicate if you are a manager or a supervisor.

_______Manager _______Supervisor 

Excerpted from How to Identify Your Organization’s Training Needs: APractical Guide to Needs Analysis by John H. McConnell. Copyright © 2003 JohnH. McConnell. Published by AMACOM Books, a division of American ManagementAssociation, New York, NY. Used with permission. All rights reserved.

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