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NuView Brings Web-based HRIS to Buildnet

Internet-based MyHRIS gives a construction connectivity company complete HR and benefits administration, applicant tracking, and more.

October 17, 2001
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Buildnet Inc., based in Durham, North Carolina is a leading provider of connectivity solutions for each link in the construction industry, enabling the right products and services to be delivered to the right places at the right times and at the lowest possible cost. The company's annual revenues exceed $75 million and it services 900 employees across the country. When Buildnet searched for the best in an Internet-based human resources information system, it found what it was looking for in NuView's MyHRIS.

"We have an outstanding reputation for creating a community of information among manufacturers, distributors, dealers, and contractors," says David Russo, Buildnet executive vice president for human resources. "To use anything less than Web-based software in HR would be out of sync with our company and what we represent."

MyHRIS is an Internet-based human resources information system that includes complete HR and benefits administration, applicant tracking, succession planning, and training administration modules. It features the flexibility of selecting the precise mix of products and services that are right for any enterprise and a preferred means of self-service access for both employees and managers.

With MyHRIS, there's no need for the installation and support of special hardware or software, so companies save all of the costs associated with building and maintaining an in-house information system. And, because it is Web-native, meaning that users can log on from any computer with a Web browser, it offers unlimited access, day or night, from any location worldwide. This unlimited access is a distinct advantage for multi-site organizations like Buildnet.

"MyHRIS gave us several solutions for our HR challenges," says Russo. It connects critical data in an easily accessible format to HR practitioners and to management in the company, provides employees self-service and access to demographic data, and ensures that personnel in distant locations can obtain the information they need to process HR workflow instantly."

This was Buildnet's first use of Web-based HR software. "Our old system just wasn't working. We had a patchwork of dissimilar systems with little functionality. We had to do reports by hand that cost us time and sometimes accuracy."

Russo says the ease and technology, the implementation schedule, and the people he dealt with at NuView first sold him on MyHRIS. After using it over the past few weeks, he's satisfied that he made the right choice.

"Interfacing with payroll went smoothly and our HR people are pleased. I expect a lot of efficiencies with this system," says Russo.

NuView is dedicated to providing organizations, large and small, with the most useful and cost-effective human resources information system solutions possible. It achieves this by combining user-friendly software with state-of-the-art technology.

NuView's software and project managers provide HR professionals not only with HR basics, but also provide needs analysts for the company and streamline HR processes for the new economy.

NuView's goal is to provide HRIS solutions made simple, and to anticipate what's needed before the industry even asks for it. NuView is determined to find ways to meet the demands of busy HR departments.

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