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Pratt & Whitney Measures HR Managers on These Leadership Competencies

August 1, 1995
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Pratt & Whitney now expects the following qualities in its HR leaders. How do you measure up? (Below: HR managers develop their skills at a recent development center session.)

  • Leadership-Provides a clear vision to others of what the organization needs to ensure its success
  • Customer Focus-Focuses the organization on anticipating, identifying and meeting customer requirements
  • Fostering Empowerment-Orchestrates situations to gain others' commitment to the group's priorities and initiatives
  • Developing Organizational Talent-Believes in others' abilities to achieve results and reach maximum potential
  • Communication-Expresses ideas clearly and actively listens to the ideas of others
  • Analysis-Identifies and diagnoses business problems and opportunities, secures relevant information and identifies possible causes and solutions
  • Judgment-Determines alternative solutions to problems, evaluates courses of action and reaches sound management decisions
  • Business Acumen-In presenting action, builds a comprehensive and realistic business case that anticipates short- and long-term business demands
  • Planning/Project Management-Drives to produce tangible, high-quality business results
  • Financial Acumen-Constructs relevant financial models and/or analyses to support business decisions
  • Functional Expertise-Has a working knowledge of the major elements of human resources and its respective systems and processes
  • Flexibility-Adjusts to high pressure, rapidly changing business conditions and the requirements of cultural, business and social situations around the world
  • Managing and Facilitating Change-Diagnoses business situations, identifies cause-and-effect relationships and initiates actions to cause change to occur.

SOURCE: Pratt & Whitney/Human Resources.

Personnel Journal, August 1995, Vol. 74, No. 8, p. 80.

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