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Prevent the HRMS Runaround

February 16, 2001
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Here are some questions you shouldconsider when interviewing HRMS vendors.

  1. Pricing
  2. Experience
  3. Customer Service
  4. Implementation
  5. Features


  • Are there any extra costs foradditional features, such as certain custom reports?

  • What types of installation fees andmaintenance fees do you charge?

  • Do you offer a higher one-timeinstallation fee in return for a smaller monthly maintenance fee (or viceversa)?

  • Do you hold your price for 180 days?*


  • Can you provide at least threereferences of recent implementations and include a nearby local user? *

  • Do you have experience with (fill inwith what's important to you) - performance reviews, vacation accrual,stock options, etc?

  • What size company do you mainly workwith?

  • What is your revenue and how manyclients do you have?

  • How long have you been established?

Customer Service:

  • How is customer service handled?Phone? If so, is it toll-free? Is it 24 hours? E-mail? Both?

  • What customer-service fees can Iexpect?

  • How many customer servicerepresentatives are available on weekdays? How many are available onweekends? In what types of technical support are they trained?


  • How long does it take to install? Isthere an extra charge for quicker installation?

  • Who on my end do you need to helpwith the installation? What will the process be like?

  • Do you require any third-partysoftware? *

  • Do you interface with my (payrollsystem, etc.)? Are they any hidden fees with making this work? Any possiblecomplications?


  • How often is data updated? Is iteach time an employee updates their data, or each time HR changes somethingon the back end?

  • What do you offer to non-traditionalworkforces?

  • Do you accommodate employee andmanager self-service?

  • Will employees at different sites beable to use the system?

  • What standard reports do you offer?

  • Do you offer custom reports? Thingsthat go beyond the standard. (Here, describe to the vendor the reportsyou're most interested in).

  • Do you allow wireless connectivity?

  • Do you include a portal foremployees to take care of non-work-related needs while in the office? Ifnot, can the system interface with a third-party portal?

  • Can you describe/demonstrate yoursystem security? *

*Information with asterisks was providedby "How to Attain Your HRMS Vision," by Rhonda Carlson with Michael W.McDonald, Copyright CCHInc., 1999. All rights reserved.

SOURCE: Compiled by Chan Tran andTodd Raphael of Workforce. For more information, use the Workforce HRMS Decision Guide to help research, choose, and compare systems.

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