Charting a Course of Action

How GTE set out to be a worldwide telecom player.

February 27, 2000
GTE’s goals led to a strategy with five major targets. Growth in these areas is critical to HR’s mission to position the company as a worldwide player in telecommunications.

HR Strategic Thrust 1: Talent
• Grow the talent pool.

• Invest in our people.

• Provide growth opportunities.

• Leverage diversity.

• Build an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

HR Strategic Thrust 2: Leadership
• Invest in leadership growth.

• Define leadership competencies.

• Structure rewards to foster leadership behavior.

HR Strategic Thrust 3: Customer Service and Support
• Create an environment that supports employee engagement.

• Build service capability.

HR Strategic Thrust 4: Organizational Integration
• Leverage total GTE capabilities.

• Partner with our unions.

• Foster business unit teaming.

• Structure rewards to foster integration.

HR Strategic Thrust 5: HR Capability
• Invest in our own growth development.

• Organize to deliver excellent service.

• Enhance our technological capabilities.

Source: "Shaping Our Direction," GTE Human Resources, 1998.

Workforce, March 2000, Vol. 79, No. 3, pp. 95.