Deloitte Says Leave Program Will Pay Off

February 9, 2004
Deloitte and Touche will soon launch a pilot program aimed at making sure women who go on leave return to work, according to Business Insurance. The company says the program will pay for itself.
The initial test will involve 12 to 20 women, and include people who have left the workforce several years ago as well as employees who are about to take maternity leave. Each employee will be assigned a mentor. Also, Deloitte will try to match employees on leave with local training programs so that they can keep up with new developments while they're out.
Sue Molina, a Deloitte partner in Pittsburgh, says that the training component will cost about $5,000 per employee. By comparison, the turnover of a new senior manager who earns $80,000 would cost the company about $120,000, she says. The initiative will be open to both males and females, but was aimed with women in mind, Molina told Business Insurance.
KPMG is considering whether to start a similar program.