Dental Coverage Check-Up

November 23, 2009
To improve employee dental coverage, as well as maximize the use of existing services, consider some of the following steps:

• Audit the existing plan to see if preventive treatments, such as fluoride varnish or deep gum cleanings, are covered sufficiently to encourage employee use.

• Provide calculators to assist employees in estimating hefty dental bills.

• Offer online risk assessments, such as this cavity-risk assessment from Cigna, this periodontal-risk assessment or these oral-health assessments from MetLife, so employees can better determine their need for care.

• Talk about flexible spending accounts and provide online tools so employees can calculate the tax advantages in advance.

• Shed the jargon from dental benefits information. Look beyond brochures, providing information online and a telephone number for additional questions.

• Review your benefit communication strategies to determine whether you’re effectively conveying the value of your plan to employees.