Guidelines for Home Software Use

Help prevent undesignated use of company software at home.

April 15, 2001
Use and modify this guideline torestrict the sharing, duplication and installation of company software outsideof work.

Guidelines for Employees' HomeSoftware Use

Employee use of (organization's)software at home is strictly prohibited unless express permission is receivedfrom (organization's) software manager or designated department. If the softwaremanager or designated department determines home use is permissible under therelevant software license agreement, then in exchange for the privilege of homeuse, I expressly agree to the following terms and conditions of home softwareuse:

  1. To install only the permissiblenumber of copies of (organization's) software into my home computer asdetermined by (organization's) software manager or designated departmentunder the relevant software license agreement.

  2. To use the (organization's) softwareconsistently with the software's license agreement and (organization's)software policy, including, but not limited to, restricting the software'suse to (organization's) business only.

  3. To subject my home computer with(organization's) software for periodic software audits to ensure the(organization's) software compliance, consistent with paragraph nine (9) of(Organization's) Software Use Guidelines. (See Sample 3.)

  4. To remove the (organization's)software from my computer and return materials I may have relating to(organization's) software back to (organization) should I cease to work for(organization). I understand that continued use of the software may subjectme to potential civil liability.

I have read (organization's) SoftwareUse Guidelines and the preceding terms applying to home use of (organization's)software. I am fully aware of the software compliance policies and agree toabide by them. I understand that violation of any of the (organization's)software use policies, including, but not limited to, the terms above, mayresult in my termination.

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SOURCE: Software & InformationIndustry Association (SIIA), SPA Anti-Piracy Division.

Reprinted with permission of E-PolicyHandbook: How to Develop Computer, E-mil, and Internet Guidelines to ProtectYour Company and its Assets by Nancy L. Flynn, published by AMACON Books. Allrights reserved.

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