HR in the Twilight Zone The Weird, The Wild, The Wacky

June 1, 1999
No doubt you’ve said to yourself, "Now I’ve seen it all." But have you? here are a dozen examples to support the assertion that anything can happen in HR.

  1. We hired a consultant who later turned out to be a cult leader.
  2. Summer 1998: Relocated an entire department to another state. Winter 1999: Relocated the entire department back.
  3. An employee was hiding in the ceiling, spying on co-workers.
  4. An employee hit himself in the head with a stapler (and knocked himself out) to fake a robbery.
  5. A manager made his staff pay for an extra microwave oven so that he wouldn’t ever have to stand in line to heat his food.
  6. My boss was upset with an employee and slammed her breasts in her desk drawer.
  7. I conducted an exit interview with a parrot sitting on the employee’s head.
  8. The Secret Service came looking for an employee.
  9. I had to attend three wakes in one night for the family members of employees.
  10. Employees held a bicycle race in the halls.
  11. My boss was having an affair with my secretary.
  12. An employee refused to shower because he said his roommate was a cannibal and he feared that he would be eaten.

Workforce, June 1999, Vol. 78, No. 6, p. 46.