<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do I Retain Workers Whose Salaries Are Low And Who Don’t Qualify For Benefits

December 26, 2001
Q Dear Workforce:

Most of my employees are dissatisfied because of low salaries. In addition,leave and medical benefits are provided to a limited number of employees. Whatcan I do to retain them and keep them content?

- Needing to be resourceful, supervisor, services, Hyderabad, India.

 A Dear Resourceful:

In today's world, you must be competitive in your compensation package toattract and hold quality employees. "Package" refers to pay, whichcannot be too far off the mark. If you need to keep salaries low, can you offerbonuses for achieving certain specific goals? Tie the bonuses to generatingadditional profit: This tells employees "you help the company make more,we'll pay you proportionately."

"Package" also refers to a wide variety of creative benefits: timeoff, etc., to make the employees' lives easier. This might include flexibleworking hours, free lunch, or soft drinks.

Ask what it would take to make it worthwhile to work for you? Listen to theanswers. Then do what you can. Consider ways the haves can help the have-nots.

SOURCE: Roger Herman, The HermanGroup, Greensboro, North Carolina, author of Keeping Good People, July 20, 2001.

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