<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Recruit and Retain Housekeeping Staff

August 2, 2000

Dear Workforce:

We are a nonprofit retirement community having problems recruiting housekeeping help to clean apartments. All the tips on retention and recruiting don't work for housekeeping staff whose job is routine and there is no chance for advancement by the nature of the jobs. How do we recruit and retain this type of staff?
-- Carol

A Dear Carol:

Maybe it's time to break out of the routine!

Find (or create) ways to differentiate working for your retirement community.

With all those other jobs out there, why should I work for you? Is work here more meaningful? Do we have fun? How about a pizza party for lunch? An ice cream surprise mid-afternoon? Is my supervisor a happy person who enjoys working here, or someone who is on my case all the time.

What kind of learning opportunities are available? How about classes on how to help my kids in school or courses I can apply toward my GED? Are my hours flexible (I have family responsibilities, too) and is transportation available to get me to work? We do laundry here, how about doing laundry for employees, too?


SOURCE: Roger Herman, CEO of the Herman Group. More ideas are available in his books: "Keeping Good People," "Lean & Meaningful," and "How to Become an Employer of Choice."

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