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<i>Dear Workforce</i> How Do We Soften the Blow When Pay Is Frozen and Salary Levels Are Being Slashed

August 17, 2010
Related Topics: Compensation Design and Communication, Retention, Dear Workforce, Compensation
Our organization is in a pickle. The budget for performance-related and other raises is frozen, and salaries for some jobs have been cut by 10 percent. In fact, the organization is analyzing jobs in order to assign additional duties to existing staff. Translation: Employees will get more work but not more money, at least right away. Additionally, we have limited money available for recruiting, even though it is likely we will have to hire for some of these revamped roles. Among all this, how do I as an HR officer keep people focused, engaged and motivated despite these trials? What should my first actions be to help soften the blow for our people?
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