<i>Workforce Management</i> December 15, 2008

December 15, 2008
What HR Will Look Like in 2018
Stories by Ed Frauenheim
Just like Workforce Management did in 1998, we have convened a group of experts to offer predictions on the future of the human resources profession. There will be greater collaboration among workers, higher levels of corporate responsibility and a push for a data-driven decision science, they say.


Learning to be a Leader
Stories by Fay Hansen

Business schools are finely customizing their executive offerings to craft the behaviors required to steer global corporations through the current financial crisis, which reflects a broader shift toward creating programs that confront individual companies’ immediate business challenges.

The Last Word
A year-end challenge
Dr. John Sullivan
Working later in life
From our readers

 Monster Books a Super Deal
Firn to tout makeover in Super Bowl ads as it reveals NFL sponsorship. Politics Cloud FMLA's Future: Bush administration's rewrite of gamily leave law draws calls for redress. Dot-Bomb II: No bubble bursting yet, but tech sector feels a new economic pinch.  5 Questions: Narcissism in the C-suite. Event Calendar: Key conferences and forums. The Hot List:  Dental and vision providers. Data Bank: Beyond 2009.

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